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The world’s most expensive wrist watch sold  on November 13, 2016 for approximately $11 million. It was a Patek Phillipe Reference 1518 and sold at Phillips Auction House.

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As of 2017 Total Watch Sold Prices Realized Posted on $1,386,243,500.00 ($1.386 Billion) 

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Watch Market Worth $40 Billion

Watch Market – Worth $40 Billion a Year


The Watch Market is estimated to be worth about $40 billion a year. This does not include iphone watches, smart phone, fit bits or even clocks.The market only keeps increasing, especially in Asian countries. For the past 9 years Hong Kong has been the largest importer of watches in the entire world. In 2015 the U.S. reclaimed that title, as it now has the largest demand for wrist watches. The market only seems to be increasing year by year and many experts believe the market will only become larger as the years go by.

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